Saturday, July 5, 2008

Great 4th of July.
After a GREAT pot luck BBQ with about 75 other boaters at our marina, the cities of Port Royal, Hilton Head,Bluffton as well as Paris Island all had fire works last night and we got to see them from the forward deck of a friends boat out in the Beaufort River very close to Paris Island. There were hundreds of other boats (some full of drunken idiots) watching and hooping and hollering. Just when one batch would get done another would start so it was really a treat. Seeing the reflection of the fireworks in the water was so amazing.
I have to say it was a bit scary as well because when its over, all those boats head for home and its not like there are lanes with yellow lines for them to stay in. At one point early in the dark evening, a boat came flying past us in the dark NO lights at all. None. Highly likely they got the DNR blue light special and hopefully a huge fine.

Boats were everywhere and I was glad we were in a rather large one tho that does make for a bigger target does it not? I was reminded of the movie Jaws when everyone was out chumming the waters in all size boats trying to catch the shark that ate........anyway, we had a great time with great company. We got to share the wonder of fireworks with an 8 year old....our little friend Elizabeth or as I have named her Princess Giggle Freckle. Anna (her mom) and I got to gossip a while in the beautiful cabin of their 42ft Regal cabin cruiser,till it got dark.

Our captain (her dad) did a great job of getting us back safely and we got back to our boat, walked the dogs and collapsed after a full day.

This afternoon we are going to Savannah to tool around and mix with the unwashed masses and ride the trolley. Then tonight another BBQ on a smaller scale.

Hope everyone had a great weekend like we did.