Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I would like to say we have gotten into a routine, but besides sleeping till 8:30 most mornings and drinking coffee its a pretty mixed bag. Im having a hard time not buying way too much at the grocery store and Im watching way too much Food Network----hummmm wonder if there is a correlation? Lindsay is finally in Charlotte and hopefully in a new studio apartment soon.
She will be taking Gypsy with her and we will miss her very much. I will not miss the extra animal hair or her litter box tho we found some absolutely great litter that eliminates (pardon the pun) all cat odor and is just a great product. Plus Im always scared she will get off of the boat somehow and fall in. These waters are usually moving pretty fast and we are a 4-5 minute walk to the shore, so-----------
We pretty much did chores and fixed stuff and relaxed today. Well I mostly bought groceries and then put them away most of the afternoon! Im still rearranging and even have an inventory of what we have and where it is! An actual excel spread sheet! Geeeeeesh.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ever After Days

The bonnet, or shovelhead, shark is a small, harmless hammerhead found in the W Atlantic from Brazil to Massachusetts. It reaches a length of 5 ft (150 cm) and its lateral lobes are much shorter than in other species, giving the head a rounded appearance.

Ok I could not get the pic to the right to rotate after I accidentally
uploaded it too fast......but you can tilt your head! Barry caught this guy a few minutes ago. He says its not "Oscar" but its certainly a good size bonnet shark---whatever that is. We went out in a friends boat this morning and between the three of us we
caught at least 25 baby sharks. Threw them all back unharmed.
We, um er uh that is to say Barry and Vic caught enough good size
Whiting to fry up enough for dinner. Its a good eating fish.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Jaws-we are going to need a bigger moment

Ok so this does not include a shark, but maybe it does because for a year now, something (we have nik-named him Oscar)has been taking Barry's bait and snapping the line.

The first time it happened it took the line about 17 boat lengths with the drag making noises ya like to hear! Then snap and nothing. That same thing has happened another three or four times in a year.

Its probably a shark but we have not seen it so who knows? We do catch small shark about everytime we fish but this is
much bigger. Much bigger----and it happened to him again this afternoon-----this info is to set you up for this:

Anywho----------today Barry has been fishing just about all day. Off the dock now since we learned our lesson about fishing out of a rubber dingy.

I did some stuff around the boat, made a gourmet lunch (Im watching WAY too much The Food Network) and then went out the dock to sit with Barry and maybe fish. Its hot but a nice breeze. I no sooner sat down in my cute little dock chair when Barry just about jumps out of his chair! Now he does not scar easily nor react quickly or panic about much. Maybe nothing, but this startled him. I heard it but did not see it because the big pillars that the docks float up and down on was right in my way (see the pic of me and my friend fishing in a previous post).

A dolphin had surfaced literally 4 feet directly in front of him, blew out air fairly loudly, and Im pretty sure for a second or two, B thought it was a shark. I thought it was his reel making the noise because he had caught "Oscar" again. The dolphin swam straight ahead and we watched it chase a fish all the way out to the bridge support where it looked like it was going to smash into it. Then disappeared into the river. Hope he got his fish!

B just asked me for some ice for a pretty big fish he just caught. Whiting I think. They are pretty tasty actually. White a d tender. This one was at least a foot long so we should get a nice entree out of it. maybe it was the fish that the dolphin was chasing!!!!