Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009!




Mother and Daddy came for a visit. It was so much fun to have them. We had some great food on Thursday and then breakfast at Blackstones........we have to stop eating!!!! They brought their cute little dogs, Riley the Yorkie and Tootsie the Dachaund. They thought the boat was COOL!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hamish Kills a Rat!!!!!!

This is what JRT's live for. This morning I lifted Hamish up the companionway steps for our morning outing.

Right away he got on a scent line of something 'went to ground' behind the cockpit cushions/chair back.

For a second I was afraid it was a lost pigeon or the neighbors cat Vinny (but he likes Vinny) but then he came back out of the hole with his prize still alive but not by much.....and I screamed like a little girl.

I am so ashamed but have never liked being surprised by vermin of any kind. Barry talked me down off the mast (kidding) and by then Hamish had gotten off the boat with his quarry in mouth. He has only gotten off the boat without permission one other time.....see Hamish Jumps Ship from an earlier post.

He tritty trotted down the dock head held high with his prize and I calmly called him back with a high pitched

"good bouy Hamish" and he turned right around and came back and dropped the now very dead thing at my feet, tail wagging faster than light. He has caught up with field mice and an occational lizzard but this was a true rat. note: I like dead vermin better than live....

I could not have been be prouder, and called over to Kelly one of the dock hands to Come see and Witness Hamish's Greatness. And to tell all seagoing folk of his prowess and bravery. Oh and how freekin' cute he is.

I feel like my kid hit a homerun with bases loaded in the world series but for Hamish its just what a JRT lives for. Nothing more.

So now all will be told and Hamish will be snugly sweet little JRT who loves everyone and everything except other dogs ,..........and rats.