Saturday, December 12, 2009

St Augustine Municipal Marina......etc

We pulled into the marina Friday afternoon....bad weather was supposed to get us but so far its just some rain, tho it is starting to build up a bit and more boats are coming in, including one named c\:esc Get it? Anyway we probably came in one day too early because the weather guys got it wrong again. Its just now raining and noon on Saturday. We didnt want to be at anchor in a bad storm when we could be tied to a dock in here. Been there done that and this is more fun. I am sitting in a pitted out boat tho because I want to take advantage of good WiFi and get this blog caught up! I thought the video clips would load faster than they are......Gypsy is up in the cockpit now with me trying to get some sunshine and there just is not any. Has not been much for a week at least. She is going to try to sneak out of the cockpit soon I just know it.She is fascinated with water....except the water we put out for her which is usually freshly filtered and she wont touch. She has taken to sneaking out on deck and lapping up whatever water collects there. Oh and anything in a glass especially if its red. She loves to chase ice cubes and will lick at one till its gone. Silly Tulsa cat! Such good company and the dogs respect her.

Im listening to Sirus classic vinyl. They are playing some great music. Traffic, CSNY, Hendrix, CCR,Yardbirds, Aeorsmith, Beatles White Album, Moody Blues LINDA SPENCE!!!!!!great stuff. Listen to the tide slowly turning....

The mess in this photo is of the reconstruction of the Bridge of Lions ( ) just before you get to the municipal marina here. Click on the link to see what it looked like before they started restoration. Actually it is a beautiful bridge or will be when they 2010 hopefully. In the meantime the big iron looking thing is a lift bridge which opens on demand. You radio to them and say abracadabra and it opens......sort of! You can see the draw part of the old bridge which is permanently open while they work on it. They will just dismantle the new one once the old one is finished.

We actually looked a buying a boat moored out here a few years ago and they were just starting the process on the bridge.

The sailboat in the foreground is one we anchored out with last week. They have two kids on board and we got to listen to them giggling and the older one climbing on the rigging like a monkey! You can see her in the above picture on the main boom standing. She was all OVER that thing!

We e-mailed them the pictures....ya know its seldom you get a picture of your own boat going along!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Exciting sailing....and hunting! So much alike!

I have discovered that riding and sailing are very alike. The boat must be finessed and cajoled sometimes like a good horse. It must be done right, yet sometimes each is very forgiving in its own way. Thankfully. It does seem our boat is alive. She protects us and we take care of her, this old girl. We officially got her declared as an Antique Vessel this month. They do not make them like this anymore. Overbuilt and like a tank and tho we cant go very fast, we get there safely. Remember when they used to build cars better?


Today was a doozie! After a nice but busy day at Golden Isles Marina we had a great meal ( see above...Barry's huge and delicious burger...I had Thai!) at Coastal Kitchen......rather more upscale than it sounds. We started out about 9am and went through 2 sounds. The winds were really strong and the waves eventually got to 4-5 ft but were not rolling us side to side so we were pretty comfy.....tho Hamish stuck to me like glue. Poor thing does not like big wave action and as you can see in the picture, wedged himself between the cowling and me and stayed there! Its all pretty exciting and if you saw my post on FB I said it was like foxhunting and the hounds are 'on' a scent and screaming along and you are galloping at breakneck speed for an hour and no way are you getting this horse to stop. The jumps are huge and the footing is wet but damn its great to be alive!
Speaking of hunting Im posting a picture of fellow Bad Girl Carla with her good horse '41' who I am happy to report is back hunting at the ripe old age of 23 sound again after some pretty serious injuries this past year or so.........

We saw several other sailboats and a couple of odd motor yachts but other than that it was pretty much just us out today.

It was pretty warm and I even got to go up on the bow for quite a while and enjoy some sunshine on my legs and face. We did end up running into some fairly bad weather but it was brief. Dolphins were surfing on those 4ft waves out ahead of us. Somehow I feel better when I see dolphins hanging around with us. The Coast Guard kept announcing over CH16 that there is a Northern Atlantic Right Whale and to steer clear of it and not go within 500 yards....evidently there are only300 left in the world and most are killed in collisions with big boats. Especially the cows with calves since they stay near the surface.

Im having a terrible time with Face Book and computers in general. Mine is toast. I can not access FB from Barrys computer but can on my BlackBerry but on a limited basis. Im so frustrated! If anyone knows why I can not access all areas on FB from Barry's computer please tell me! I cant post a thing on it or read mail or multiple comments.

I have to wait till Barry is done teaching to get on his computer and usually by that time Im tired!
Right now Im waiting for my pictures to download so I can post them here along with some video. I was going to post some from FB but, again I cant.......not sure why. Its like it does not recognize Barry's computer but Im all signed in etc......weird. computer is fixed! I dont know if it self medicated or what but I turned it on just for the hell of it and it worked!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

some sunrises and after a storm shots

We are at Golden Isles marina tonight. i got a bunch of laundry done, went to the grocery store (Tweeter Deeter Mom!) and we just had a very good meal at Coastal Kitchen which is an upscale restaurant here at the marina.....Really wonderful fare......

If its not too bad tomorrow weather wise we will leave tomorrow and try to make about 35 miles......near Jacksonville hopefully!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

December 6th Moon River to Wahoo River Anchorage

Well I had a wonderful LONG post all ready to share and the computer froze up.
Im pissed and tired.

The big story was this morning a pod of dolphin came righ tup to the boat while I was 'walking' Hamish.
Two youngsters rolled on their sides to get a better look at us and we had eye contact! it was cool..

Good night.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday Dec 5th....Bull Creek to Moon River

We are safely anchored at the mouth of Moon River off Skidamore River. Not my favorite anchorage so far but reasonably out of the way. We made about 30 miles today and hope we make 40 or so tomorrow. Next year we are leaving before Thanksgiving. Its just going to be nicer weather that way. Its cold and windy so I doubt many evening boaters will be out tonight. Barry is in he galley making dinner.

Today I remembered why we are doing this. I learned that Campbell's Tomato Soup .....or should I say remembered that it cures most evils including a dreary day because right after lunch the sun came out and tho it was still cold, it was pretty and we were inside of our Isinglass enclosure! The dogs have settled into a rhythm again and sleep most of the day. They squatted and hiked so fast again and I was reminded that it is the little things that matter. Potty-ing the dogs has not been an easy process to work out! We listened to music and NPR and just the puttering of the motor too.

Barry thought he was getting sick tho I think he is better now. Something sure smells good and I can see him from here whomping up dinner!

Friday, December 4, 2009

December 4th our first day sailing south

We left PRLM about 10:30 this morning. All went well getting away and thru the day as well. It was a bit chilly but we zipped up the enclosure 'curtains' and were fairly comfy. My legs got a little cold but tomorrow I will fix that if its as cold.....and its supposed to be.
We had dolphins all around us as we got closer to Port Royal Sound and several beautiful shrimping boats working hard to fill their nets. There were so many sea birds, dolphins and my favorite....pelicans. Lee Hubby.......shut up and you know why! Pelicans are such throw backs to
dinosaurs. Pterodactyls. Those flying monsters who put fear in the hearts of the biggest dinosaur rats!
Kind of like Hamish right? Speaking of Hamish....boy has he learned to tinkle fast when I walk him
up on the bow! Today he hiked his leg on thin air on the forward hatch and peed away. Phoenix squatted right where she was supposed to on the little throw rug! Good dogs!!!! Then our new and improved deck wash rinses off dog pee as well as pluff mud from the anchor chain! All the icky stuff goes overboard!

For lunch we had homemade raisin bread, peanut butter and apple sandwiches. YUM

Tonight we are safely on the hook in Bull Creek with a few other sailboats. I sure hope our new anchor light is working. Its so hard to see from the deck! We have already had our light dinner and Im watching Dr Oz! Our over the air antenna works great most of the time! Gotta love that right?
Its cozy and warm below and we have not even had the heat on!

Gypsy's Hidy place to sleep

Not that she does not have the run of the boat......but this is her special new place to hide out.

so this cubby is usually filled with my stuff....which I got rid of. It normally has a good looking wood cover. She investigated about 10 seconds after emptied it and I thought it made a great place for her to have for her very own, so I put a cushy blanket in there and voila!
2 seconds ago ·

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Finally....we sail in the morning

Well we might not actually 'sail' tomorrow but maybe. The weather kept us from leaving Tuesday but tomorrow and the next few days look pretty good so.......we head south. We took my car to Leon and Debs and they are kindly letting us keep in in the driveway of their beautiful house. We are so excited for them because its just such a lovely needs some TLC but they are starting with quite a nice canvas! We could fit our whole boat in the kitchen/family room combo.......and at night, the pool looks like its going to take off, or that a UFO has landed in it. Very sexy!

The trip down and back was torture but its done and now my little Honda is there waiting for us once we get to Stuart. Looking around me right now Im not sure how we are going to get it all done before tomorrow but we will. Its not like I cant come below and continue any project of stowing properly......

We will average 25-35 miles a day if going south is anything like going north. We will miss our friends here at PRLM to be sure and will look forward to seeing them again in spring!

So I will try to keep up daily with adding the updates..........and pictures.