Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Plan in Spring

This picture has nothing to do with sailing but is such a kick ass picture of my friend Sue McDaniels and her pony Pocket Rocket competing and probably winning at a carriage event a few years ago. You are seeing double. Its a perfect reflection and her son Mark took this picture. He is a brilliant photog. It ended up on the cover of a prestigious Carriage magazine Driving Digest this month. For more really nice pics go to

Now for our sailing plan.
We have been at Port Royal Landing Marina living full time since May 1st. Mostly detoxing and learning a slower way of life. Our plan now is to begin slowing cruising up the ICW mostly but popping out into the ocean when we need to and visit places all summer on our way up. We are looking at charts and info books in the evenings planning where we want to live on the hook and what marinas we want to visit. I have never been up the NE part of the US and am so looking forward to it. Our boat draws 5'9" so there are places we cant go but we can anchor out and dingy where we want to go. At this point we are going to take the dogs but they are soon going to have to learn to pee and poop on the potty rug we have for them up on the forward deck. It goes overboard for a rinse after they use it....but both are so house trained its not going to be easy.

Oct 18th and 19th a flotilla of other boaters from our marina are going to Shelter Cover (Hilton Head)for an overnight. We will anchor out, some of us at the dock some on the hook and play and go to dinner and explore. its going to be our shake out cruise since its been over a year since we sailed Ever After on her way from Port Canaveral Fl. to her new home here.

If anyone wants to join in for a few days, meet us somewhere on the NE coast for a leg of our journey and lend a hand onboard...........speak up!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Casey and Bruce

My son Casey sent this picture of himself and one of his precious dogs Bruce. Poor Bruce
got fixed this week---poor wee little guy.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Life is good

Shrimp boats at 11th St Dock

Sami and Andrea with the dolphin center.

Sami in her Pirate Princess hat

The dolphins are in the background/center. They were all around us...babies and mommas.

Lindsay and Andrea come for a visit. The Beaner Has Landed

Lindsay and her friend and her adorable friend Andrea came for a visit over Labor Day. We had a great time and went on a great day trip on a friends boat. We had a beautiful day and saw lots of dolphins. The girls got to drive the boat. We loved having them and they were great boat guests. We played Balderdash one night and laughed so hard stuff came out of my nose!
Andrea is of Latin decent and when she called us from the airport she said "The Beaner Has Landed"


Alex and Elizabeth giggle and make us all happy! How much fun is this?

Alex is one half of the winning team

Boaters fun day

The marina had a fun day for boat owners. We had blind dingy races, boat building, boccie ball and later that evening frogmore stew. If you dont know what a blind dingy race is check out the picture. Basically the person rowing is blindfolded and the other team member has to tell the rower
where to head.....not so easy especially if the oars on the dingy are stuck. Barry and I of course got the dingy with the sticky oars and began going nowhere fast. I was laughing so hard I could barely breath. we didnt make it across the fairway! Here are some of the other teams