Monday, October 18, 2010

Heading South and Groovy Lasagna

Savvy Dave Opening Meet 2007
Groovy Lasagna

Baby Isaiah

Hatch Kitty

Poor Barry has been wildly busy teaching a heavy course load and working on the boat getting the mechanics ready to head South. We have really been enjoying the beautiful weather....getting up a bit earlier and wearing SOCKS!

The biggest news if you are not a FaceBook friend, you know we just had our first grandchild! Barry's son and his wife Tiffany had a little baby boy Isaiah Nickolas Shreve.

We go see him this weekend and are so excited to meet the little guy. Will have a very quick visit with friends and family and I will get to ride Pat's big horse in the Green Creek Hunter Pace as well. Also I found out on of my off the track Thoroughbreds, Savvy Dave may have a new job as the huntsman's horse for Tennessee Valley Hunt. He is one of the coolest horses I have ever owned and I'm so glad for him. I had some of my most memorable hunts riding him.....we just connected right away and he was such a nice horse to have in our little herd when we had the farm.

It will be a whirlwind trip but very cool! I can't wait to hear about Daddy's trip with the Honor Flight in DC. It sounds so wonderful and I'm looking forward to seeing all the pictures.

I have been cooking madly (no surprise) and I think I have gotten my groove back but I'm tellin' ya, cooking on a boat is still a challenge for me. I'm getting there tho and have really enjoyed learning to cook Thai. All my already favorite flavors and I'm finding if you buy ingredients in an Asian shop its about 1/4 the price of a restaurant! I made a slow cooker lasagna last weekend and it was, well....groovy! It was a low fat version and as good as any I have ever made......had a low fat bread pudding with an Amaretto carmel sauce..........SO good! Got to use up all the leftover bits of homemade bread I have been making. So life is wonderful and this weather is just such a joy. Hope it holds for our trip south at the end of the month!