Monday, September 21, 2009

I see your frog there and what's it for?

In Georgetown I sat down to pee. Eye to eye with this little one inch long tree frog. He was so cute and scared and trying to blend in and be invisible. We are not sure how he got in but the screen in the head porthole was open a bit and he snuck in but where from who knows?
We caught him and let him go up in the bushes next to the water but caught this pic before we did...........

So it comes full circle again. One day while staying in Middleburg on a Bad Girls Tour at a TB training barn (pool to swim the horses) and there was a very quiet guy there....barely said a word to us until one day when Carla had the dressing room door to her trailer open and there hung a frog bottle opener. Kind of a long fancy one on lanyard if I remember correctly. After a minute he came over and in a cute little Irish lilt said......."I see your frog there...and what's it for?"

So THEN John and Carla got this funky looking white African something or other frog who lived in a cool coffee table aquarium. His name was Frank. Frank was just kind of funky looking and didnt do much except look wierd. Well one day they got Frank a MRS. Frank and guess what Frank did? He started SINGING. Carla and John were as surprised as could be but loved that he was so happy and said to Frank "Sing frog SING!"

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Charleston and a regatta

As you would expect Charleston has some unbleieveable homes right on the water. Im sure these pictures do not do them justice.
The homes on Johns Island were........just huge and on big plots of land with these VERY long docks. Palacial actually. It was where we saw most of the dolphins we saw today and was very pretty.....these homes were set so far back off the water, but still on the water, I did not even bother taking pictures because you would not get the idea....they would look like specs but they certainly were not.


Its not the greatest quality.....and ya have to be patient. We saw a lot of dolphins today. Lost count actually. SC has so much marine life.

We got grounded on a sand bar today where there was supposed to be 19ft of water. I had overshot our turn off and then Barry took the helm for his turn so we were coming in from the other direction and he cut a corner but like I said it was supposed to have 19ft of water. It didnt.

It went from 10ft to nothing in a split second. We had to put the jib and mainsail and wait for the tide to come in for about an hour and finally the wind, sails, and tide carried us off the bar and into fairly deep water. OH plus there was ONE crab pot in the whole area and of course we ended up 3 feet from it....from our prop! So we had to really watch that too...... We handled it and had a nice little rest while we waited for more water.

Charleston as always was beautiful and full of boats and regattas. Ill add video of one race we happened by as soon as I can. It takes forever to upload to this blog.....even short videos take forever unless I have a really fast connection.

We are at our last anchorage for this trip which was also our first anchorage. Its a beautiful quiet spot and I hope we will visit it again next year. This has been such a fantastic, relaxing, exciting trip. We met so many nice folks and laughed every day. We are looking forward to the next few months at Port Royal Landing Marina and being with our friends there. Then on to Florida for the winter....not sure exactly where yet and there are so many choices.

Friday, September 18, 2009

9 knots

Last week we had the current AND wind with us and did 9 knots! Pretty dern good for our old Perkins 50hp engine! Pushing this heavy old boat....and that was without sails up.

Shrimp boats and sail boats

this place is for sale....small but managable and on the water!