Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Deja vu

Tonight is the first night I go to sleep knowing for sure where our next home is......tonight is right under me and over me, floating on the water, which is where it should be. I thought I would be sad because I really did not want to change and leave Ever After. Life has ways of making things easier
and because the process of finally finding Deja vu, was difficult.......Lily May, Morada, and finally
Dragonfly burning and sinking.......finally finding a boat that would 'stick' is nothing but happy for me and I think Barry feels the same way.

Tonight Barry and Bill are upstairs on 'the salon level' talking and getting into the rum. I cant hear what they are saying but I can hear them and I am glad we will have such a good friend as Bill helping us get to our summer destination, Myrtle Beach. And I am SO excited that Lynn will be able to join us in Port Royal for the few days trip from PRLM to MB. It will be so much fun seeing our PRLM friends and hell, now we can fit ALL of them on our boat! What a bunch of parties and visits we will have on Deja vu.

All that is left now to do is get back to Stuart via The Horn of Florida, transfer our things from Ever After to Deja vu and then I will cry....maybe a little sad because you do get to loving a boat almost like a child, or horse, or home......hell I cried when I sold my Chevy truck! No, really I did! I will cry when I step off Ever After for the last time, because she saved my soul. She sheltered me, and helped me get through a really hard time in my life and come out the other end whole and happy.
She is a wonderful one of a kind boat, and I think if she were a person, she would be one you could count on through thick and thin. A friend in the most basic sense of the word.

Some very nice people will be living on Ever After now and they have what sounds like a really wonderful adventure ahead of them. She will be the perfect boat to get them anywhere they want to
go. They dont build them like her anymore....she is truely one of a kind.

So tomorrow I hope to add pictures and stories of what will be a calm and fun trip back to our homes.....there are many now.