Friday, July 31, 2009

Buy Boats

These boats are all from the 1920's and 30's and some have been in the same family since then!

Our boat still in the slip with the first Buy Boat to arrive.

tomorrow I will be taking more pictures close up.......check back in.

Friday, July 24, 2009

We are only about 45 minutes from Jamestown and Williamsburg. We did just Jamestown yesterday so we could enjoy and really read all the displays and not stress our backs too much! Our tickets are good for 7 days so we will go back and see Yorktown Monday.
This statue is of Pocahontas. This is a very pretty statue but I don't think the pic does it justice

resident goose with the river in the background. The inhabitants of Jamestown that first year nearly starved to death the first winter. They pissed off the Indians and they would not let the settlers leave to hunt or fish, so this goose would not have lasted long.

They brought 4 mares and 2 stallions, goats and pigs and dogs and cats and ate all of them that first year. For more info go to the link in the title line. Its pretty cool. Click on 'the dig' to see pictures of what they have been digging up!

Behind me is a monument dedicated in 1907 to celebrate 300 years since the founding of Jamestown.

the outside of the bell tower

Jamestown ...we dig it!

this is the oldest standing building in the US...a bell tower

there is an ongoing dig at the site of the original jamestown. We were able to watch as they dug through layers of a well. Wells when they ran dry were used as garbage pits, so they find just about anything you can name from back then.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Phoenix takes a dive

EVERY morning Im in charge of walking the dogs. No biggy. Except Phoenix who is 14 years old has not gotten the idea about calm and submissive yet, tho I keep trying. Its dangerous getting off of a boat on to a dock even without dogs, and this morning we had success with getting her to sit and stay in the cockpit till I had Hamish off and safe He is always calm and helpful. Except when he is biting any other dog that gets in his face that is!

So PDawg is sitting and staying, I tell her 'ok' and she jumps out, and proceeds to puppy play with her butt in the air up and down the dock back and forth to me but not quite close enough for me to get her leash and ends up falling into the water between the dock and the boat. She paddled around for a while till Barry could get in with her and send her the 20 ft to shore but in the meantime he has barnacle scrapes all over his feet and jelly fish stings tho they are very mild.

So who would think in a million years the 14 year old golden mix would be the brat and the Jack Russell would be the calm steady one? Im going to either cut Phoenix back on her meds that make her feel so good or start taking them myself. Or both.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Casey sneaks a pic of his new hairdo named Guu!

Rule number one
never take a picture of yourself with a phone camera just before any kind of Army training. When he sent this to Emily the subject line read : 'Guu ' and I can not think of a better name for a haircut. He used to have blond curly locks and I cried when he got his first haircut and so did the girl cutting it!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Casey arrives safely in Ft Knox

Casey joined the National Guard. gulp
these are pictures Emily has laminated and put on to magnets so Casey can have them in his locker during boot camp. He will be there for 9 weeks. Im having mommy issues. Barry tells me its JUST like army boot camp.....and of course I have seen way too many movies about army boot camp and Im afraid they will be mean to my Casey!
He is too wonderful for that.......I mean he loves little kids and old people. Anyway.......Im so proud of him and Emily because she is right behind three weeks she does the same thing! How about that? More pics of Emily and Casey are on the blog..........somewhere. Cute kids who will someday have cute kids I hope.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sami puts make up on for the first time in 7 weeks

Ok I had to. I was going out 'among the English' and had to at least put some mascara on. This is a big deal for me but I was off to the Aveda Salon in Gloucester VA and didnt want to scar anyone.
Its a big deal for me NOT to wear makeup and now I guess after being a boat wench and having boat wench hair, I had to make amends. So sue me!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Back to Port Royal, but just for the weekend.

We ventured back to Port Royal via automobile this time. We decided it would be cool to have our car here in Urbanna so we rented a car and drove back to PR this past weekend. It was great to see our friends at PRLM and we picked a great weekend to visit as it was the opening weekend of the water festival. As in every year, Port Royal Landing Marina Pirates entered the raft race. This picture is of most of the team and significant others watching the first heat. If you look really close Barry and I are both there......He has a faded red ball cap and Im in a black and white top just next to Anna Lewis in the straw hat and pink t-shirt, at the rail.
Our friends Bill Mote and Bill (black t-shirt,short grey hair) and Lynn Murray (back to camera in white)are easier to find! The Pirates lost their heat but they was robbed!! We fed our hurt pride at Blackstones for breakfast so all was well later.

Mike Lewis(brim hat with black band) started smoking a Boston Butt roast Friday evening and we ate it Saturday night and celebrated Barry's birthday as well. The BBQ was absolutely some of the best I have ever had in my life and we can only hope Mike will do it again when we return this fall. It was amazing. Pull apart melt in your mouth tasty!

We arrived back in Urbanna Sunday late afternoon happy to have our car. It took us 5 weeks to cruise here and 8 hours to drive. Funny.

It was wonderful seeing all our PRLM buddies......wish Gene could have made the BBQ Saturday but someone has to WORK! Looking forward to seeing you all again in October.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Da Big Cityof Plymouth/Norfolk

Sami (BOAT WENCH HAIR) at the helm leaving Portsmouth/Norfolk
War ship

guess who has the right of way? This bad boy did not even throw a wake! Each one of thos containers goes behind a semi cab! Now thats a big ol boat.

random trip shots.....from our back up digital

Before you get to Portsmouth you have to go thru a bunch of bridges.....................and a lock system which was pretty easy and cool but again nerve wracking for me because it was my second time and the first time was years ago when we brought her up from Florida.

Ever After hauled out of the water to replace the cutlass bearing

The haul out at Ross Marine the second week into our trip north

kind of a cool thing to watch tho nerve wracking

plus there was about $400 worth of food in the freezer and no way to 'plug it in' because its a raw water cooled system. Even after 24 hours out of the water the steaks etc. were frozen solid.

Phoenix enjoying the view

just insidethe NC border from SC.....I think

going thru a swing bridge

this is coming into Moorehead City....

sunset in Beaufort North Carolina

interesting driftwood

seen from the cockpit.