Saturday, May 31, 2008

What is that sound??? sssssssssss

Yesterday morning we went fishing in our 11ft dingy. Its a top of the line inflatable. Hard bottom
new this year. After prepping for the trip with cold tea and crackers, bla bla bla,

The first 30 minutes we spent fishing off the point of the 'fort' where our friend and apt fisherman Vic told us we would have good luck. This is within eyesight of Paris Island, the Naval Hospital just under the new (relatively) bridge that goes to Lady's Island. Shrimp boats, sail boats, fishing boats, tugs and even a couple kyacking! The kyackers looked tired by the way. She looked pissed actually....annnnyyyway........

We saw a school of dolphins cavorting and feeding and I tried to get video with my cell phone but I have the WORST timing! Anyway, I got a strike and it was big. So big I started laughing uncontrollably with visions of dinner for 8 for a week---Vic had caught a record winning black drum last year at this VERY spot!!!!! I was ready to get the Fry Daddy out---------the rod tip was bent over almost touching the water and I was close to handing the damn thing to Barry, but at the last minute a huge skate (ray) surfaced.

DRATS! KRIKEY MATES! as Stever Irwin used to say-----Not a good thing to have to deal with out in the river in a dingy....anyway, as I was reeeeeeeeling this thing in laughing all the way like an idiot, and the damn ray went under the boat dragging the second hook into the side of the back panel of the dingy........then a sickening sssssssssss sound and I said 'what the hell is that?' but I knew. Barry cut the line with one hand and started the outboard with the other (fat lot of good I am!) and we headed back to the marina and our boat as fast as we could. The dingy's have compartments so if the worst happens the air only goes out in the punctured section. Just for spite we fished the rest of the day from our dock next to the boat and had a shrimp basket for dinner! Well at least I didn't have to drag the Fry Daddy out!

Today has been nice. Barry played golf at Paris Island and got a VIP tour from the Pres. of the chamber here (his boat is next to ours) and I drove an hour to Linens and Things and Marshall's. Some things never change!!!

ps..the picture is of the cool boat warming gift from my friends Nancy and Ruth Ann. The marina gardens are full of gardenias blooming right now.


beth said...

Those damn sting rays! They got Steve Irwin and now they got your dingy. Too bad you didn't catch a record setting huge fish! :) But at least you made it back to the boat!

The other day on Man Vs Wild, Bear Grylis caught a sting ray and ate it, but he's a show off.

Sami & Barry s/vEver After said...

We are going to eat one one of these days!