Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I would like to say we have gotten into a routine, but besides sleeping till 8:30 most mornings and drinking coffee its a pretty mixed bag. Im having a hard time not buying way too much at the grocery store and Im watching way too much Food Network----hummmm wonder if there is a correlation? Lindsay is finally in Charlotte and hopefully in a new studio apartment soon.
She will be taking Gypsy with her and we will miss her very much. I will not miss the extra animal hair or her litter box tho we found some absolutely great litter that eliminates (pardon the pun) all cat odor and is just a great product. Plus Im always scared she will get off of the boat somehow and fall in. These waters are usually moving pretty fast and we are a 4-5 minute walk to the shore, so-----------
We pretty much did chores and fixed stuff and relaxed today. Well I mostly bought groceries and then put them away most of the afternoon! Im still rearranging and even have an inventory of what we have and where it is! An actual excel spread sheet! Geeeeeesh.

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