Friday, May 29, 2009

Haul Out

This is a very cool process tho nerve wracking to be sure, watching what amounts to your home with all your stuff in it pulled up by its roots so to speak. These guys do it daily so its no big deal for them but I was nausiated. Plus this is a repair marina not a boater friendly, liveaboard equipped as in no pump out, showers and actually they have a great reputation for what they do...fix boats, but its kind of 'rough'. We are going to be here thru Monday evening and possibly into Tuesday. We have a rental car or will have Saturday for a few days and a motel reserved just in case for Monday if they can not get it fixed in one day.....Monday. We have turned down the temps in fridge and freezer so things will be extra frozen. Till then we are plugged in at the face dock with plenty of power and Im watching TV on our new antenna for broadcast. We miss seeing Deadliest Catch and Dog Whisperer but such is life.

Carlos has ordered the parts needed and we are considering what other things he can get done while the boat is out of the water. We would like to have another thru hull dedicated to the generator cooling system which now shares with the engine so can not be run at the same time. Not a huge deal but while its all depends on how long it will take. So we are doing the little daily things....Barry was able to get ahead on new classes and is relaxing in the cockpit. We are sharing the broadband card so Im online less often just FYI.

Here are some pix of the boat being hauled out.

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