Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 30th morning....Good Morning!

This morning we had our coffee in the cockpit, I walked the dogs and Barry worked online for a while. Then we decided to have breakfast so we mounted up on our trusty bikes and peddled over a whole 5 minutes to the corner drug store (again) and had breakfast. They were out of biscuits so I had a cheeseburger....you know the kind where they toast the bun then steam it? Oh and a vanilla coke. Barry had eggs and toast. We found the cutest toys for um er uh Alex and Elizabeth and Sami and Lynn too truth be told. We scooted to the hardware/marine supply store and pet supply store and found some things we had to have. The dogs are scratching like they have fleas so that has to be nipped in the bud. 6 years on a farm and no fleas and now they picked them up at Coinjock Marina we think. We were there long enough and there were lots of dogs wandering around. So........

Then we biked over to Paynes Crab House which is run by two sisters, who used to do it all by themselves including setting the pots out and collecting them, then cleaning and steaming or frying and picking out the meat all by themselves....now the son helps set pots and collect them.

Well, as we pulled up on our trusty bikes, here the two sisters are messing with a big old rotten piece of plywood and some fence posts.......with hammer and chain saw and I said Uh Oh......they were so cute and the one sister was so proud of herself because she put the chain on the saw by herself and by golly sawed that post to the right size....of course Barry offered to help drive nails and made some suggestions and we had a great time getting to know the sisters.

The funny thing is, the day before yesterday when we arrived, Barry said in passing that this was the kind of small town that you will find yourself talking in passing to someone and find out you are talking to the mayor!! Guess what? You got it. One of the sisters is the Mayor of Urbanna. Both were delightful and call each other sissy. Im going back tomorrow to get some warm steamed soft shell crabs for lunch and try to talk them into showing me how to clean (or how they clean) crabs. Bill Murray showed me but I dont do it enough to remember how. So it might be an adventure. I could use the social activity.

So now we are cooling off below and will go to the grocery store this afternoon with Fred and Denise who have a car here. Not that we need that much. Goodness we still have plenty of food in the freezer. However their rib-eyes are on sale for $6/pound so I cant resist.

There is all kinds of activity going on here. Prepping for the 4th. Evidently its a pretty big deal and we have front row seats for the fireworks. PLUS I found one of those big ring bubble blowing toys I love and will sit on the dock blowing huge bubbles as my way of saying Happy Birthday America!

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