Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pics from June 4th

Today was very different. The ICW along most of the stretches today was wild and devoid of homes and boats and it was very easy to picture what it must have been like 200 years ago.
It was peaceful and there were birds and dolphin all along the trip. Really deep swamps and forest even. I hope the pics give you and idea of how beautiful it is. No bridges and few power boats....but did see a few nice sailboats.

Then this evening about 6 dolphins blew by our anchored boat and I did get some footage of them hunting and feeding behind us towards the shore. It takes forever to download video so Im hoping Ill be able to.... we also saw the most curious thing......after this long stretch of wilderness, all of a sudden there were two signs one on each side with flashing lights saying caution ferry crossing! Was strange and kind of woke me rudely out of my flashback to 1800's daydream. We did come across a sailboat stranded on a sand bar at low tide but were able to sneak around him by him telling us where NOT to go. We had the same thing happen yesterday at low tide and just had to wait till the tide came back in and brought us some water. It was a bit scary tho because our depth finder kept reading a foot or lower under our keel....not enough to feel easy about.
Barry was feeling punky today so I was at the helm most of this day.......which was fine because besides the skinny water it was a very easy day. We did get some gentle rain but no bad weather.

At one point in the morning we did see a few really nice homes all with private docks. The houses were so big it was hard to believe they were not hotels. Then all of a sudden there is this boat yard with derelict boats......go figure. The only other difficulty today was dodging crab pots!
The crabbers are not too careful about where they put their traps and it was like dodging mines. You do NOT want one of those wrapped around your prop. Late afternoon B took the helm and I went to the bow to spot errant crab pot bouys. We were underway from 8:30 till about 5:30 which is a few hours longer than usual but we wanted to make a bit of time. Tomorrow we will go into Georgetown SC for a pump out, water and then on up the ICW.

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