Monday, June 22, 2009

This evening at Coinjock

After the tumbling we got yesterday Coinjock's peacefulness is a great change.....I love it here. We got the lightest little sprinkle late this evening and I caught it as a reflection.....can you even see the water droplets?

Our friend from Port Royal is traveling back to Deltaville VA with friends and we ended up here at Coinjock. It was so good to see a familure face. We miss our friends. No matter how wonderful an new adventure is, you always miss your friends. I miss all my horsie friends and my friends from work.....WERK! Ish. and of course our friends back at PRLM.

Hope you can hear the birds in the back ground.
this was a pretty little inlet too shallow for us but look at the clouds and tree line. It was so pretty

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