Monday, July 13, 2009

Back to Port Royal, but just for the weekend.

We ventured back to Port Royal via automobile this time. We decided it would be cool to have our car here in Urbanna so we rented a car and drove back to PR this past weekend. It was great to see our friends at PRLM and we picked a great weekend to visit as it was the opening weekend of the water festival. As in every year, Port Royal Landing Marina Pirates entered the raft race. This picture is of most of the team and significant others watching the first heat. If you look really close Barry and I are both there......He has a faded red ball cap and Im in a black and white top just next to Anna Lewis in the straw hat and pink t-shirt, at the rail.
Our friends Bill Mote and Bill (black t-shirt,short grey hair) and Lynn Murray (back to camera in white)are easier to find! The Pirates lost their heat but they was robbed!! We fed our hurt pride at Blackstones for breakfast so all was well later.

Mike Lewis(brim hat with black band) started smoking a Boston Butt roast Friday evening and we ate it Saturday night and celebrated Barry's birthday as well. The BBQ was absolutely some of the best I have ever had in my life and we can only hope Mike will do it again when we return this fall. It was amazing. Pull apart melt in your mouth tasty!

We arrived back in Urbanna Sunday late afternoon happy to have our car. It took us 5 weeks to cruise here and 8 hours to drive. Funny.

It was wonderful seeing all our PRLM buddies......wish Gene could have made the BBQ Saturday but someone has to WORK! Looking forward to seeing you all again in October.

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