Friday, July 24, 2009

We are only about 45 minutes from Jamestown and Williamsburg. We did just Jamestown yesterday so we could enjoy and really read all the displays and not stress our backs too much! Our tickets are good for 7 days so we will go back and see Yorktown Monday.
This statue is of Pocahontas. This is a very pretty statue but I don't think the pic does it justice

resident goose with the river in the background. The inhabitants of Jamestown that first year nearly starved to death the first winter. They pissed off the Indians and they would not let the settlers leave to hunt or fish, so this goose would not have lasted long.

They brought 4 mares and 2 stallions, goats and pigs and dogs and cats and ate all of them that first year. For more info go to the link in the title line. Its pretty cool. Click on 'the dig' to see pictures of what they have been digging up!

Behind me is a monument dedicated in 1907 to celebrate 300 years since the founding of Jamestown.

the outside of the bell tower

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