Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Phoenix takes a dive

EVERY morning Im in charge of walking the dogs. No biggy. Except Phoenix who is 14 years old has not gotten the idea about calm and submissive yet, tho I keep trying. Its dangerous getting off of a boat on to a dock even without dogs, and this morning we had success with getting her to sit and stay in the cockpit till I had Hamish off and safe He is always calm and helpful. Except when he is biting any other dog that gets in his face that is!

So PDawg is sitting and staying, I tell her 'ok' and she jumps out, and proceeds to puppy play with her butt in the air up and down the dock back and forth to me but not quite close enough for me to get her leash and ends up falling into the water between the dock and the boat. She paddled around for a while till Barry could get in with her and send her the 20 ft to shore but in the meantime he has barnacle scrapes all over his feet and jelly fish stings tho they are very mild.

So who would think in a million years the 14 year old golden mix would be the brat and the Jack Russell would be the calm steady one? Im going to either cut Phoenix back on her meds that make her feel so good or start taking them myself. Or both.

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