Saturday, July 4, 2009

random trip shots.....from our back up digital

Before you get to Portsmouth you have to go thru a bunch of bridges.....................and a lock system which was pretty easy and cool but again nerve wracking for me because it was my second time and the first time was years ago when we brought her up from Florida.

Ever After hauled out of the water to replace the cutlass bearing

The haul out at Ross Marine the second week into our trip north

kind of a cool thing to watch tho nerve wracking

plus there was about $400 worth of food in the freezer and no way to 'plug it in' because its a raw water cooled system. Even after 24 hours out of the water the steaks etc. were frozen solid.

Phoenix enjoying the view

just insidethe NC border from SC.....I think

going thru a swing bridge

this is coming into Moorehead City....

sunset in Beaufort North Carolina

interesting driftwood

seen from the cockpit.


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