Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jean Leaves us sad......

Barry and Jean after docking Po Chang

Jean below throwing off the lines.......

Barry (at the bow)was first mate on the short trip up Urbanna Creek for Po Chang's haul out.

Monday we helped our friend Jean move his boat Po Chang up the creek so it could be demasted and then hauled out in preparation for it being shipped first to the west coast then on to Malaysia some be determined. We meet good folks along our way and sometimes make great friends we know we will stay friends with forever. Jean is one of them. We will miss him sorely. Barry has been going around speaking with a French accent and in the little bit of the language he actually knows....and saying Ooo Lala. The cat loves it and of course I laugh and think we are going to be doing this french accent thing for a long time to come. I hope we left Jean with some good Sami colloquialisms. Like 'chicken one day and feathers the next' (thanks Penny).

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jean depelteau said...

Who you meet, who you enjoy, and whom you will meet again !!!
Oulalala !!!