Thursday, December 3, 2009

Finally....we sail in the morning

Well we might not actually 'sail' tomorrow but maybe. The weather kept us from leaving Tuesday but tomorrow and the next few days look pretty good so.......we head south. We took my car to Leon and Debs and they are kindly letting us keep in in the driveway of their beautiful house. We are so excited for them because its just such a lovely needs some TLC but they are starting with quite a nice canvas! We could fit our whole boat in the kitchen/family room combo.......and at night, the pool looks like its going to take off, or that a UFO has landed in it. Very sexy!

The trip down and back was torture but its done and now my little Honda is there waiting for us once we get to Stuart. Looking around me right now Im not sure how we are going to get it all done before tomorrow but we will. Its not like I cant come below and continue any project of stowing properly......

We will average 25-35 miles a day if going south is anything like going north. We will miss our friends here at PRLM to be sure and will look forward to seeing them again in spring!

So I will try to keep up daily with adding the updates..........and pictures.

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