Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back to the basics

Me and Alfie.....He is SO handsome!

Hurrah! Can I just tell you how wonderful it was to get in the car on a pretty day and drive 'to the barn' which I have not done in a long long time Im here to tell ya. Blue Marlin Farm is where Leon keeps his horse Maestro and Penny moved her horse Alfie, from Nashville for the winter. Pen and I only had a few hours but it was so much fun and Im looking forward to spending a lot of time 'at the barn' the next few weeks!

Today I was able to learn how to drive the dingy by myself! We finally got the outboard fixed and I can start it and we dingied around for a while.....took the garbage out, visited a sick friend....brought them chicken cutlets for dinner....OH and we moved to a new mooring ball closer to the dock. I should get better WiFi connection and its a much shorter ride to the dock. I scrubbed the decks this afternoon and just loved being outside.

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