Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Low Country Hunt

Last weekend we combined taking my car back to Port Royal and seeing our friends there, and seeing my Green Creek hunt friends. It was an amazing visit and so wonderful seeing my friends Anna and Colleen, Elaine , Deb Bundy, and Christy and making new friends as well. Seeing Anna and Colleen at Friday nights dinner at Carmines in Walterboro, actually made me cry. Tears just burst out from me. ....unexpected.

I am already in love with the Low Country, so following hounds on a fixture like Airy Hall Saturday morning was heavenly. We were invited to car follow with a whip without a horse, Scott (sorry I didnt get his last name). Scott had the back of the Suburban filled with wine, champagne and OJ.....cheese, sausage and crackers and thought ahead far enough to ask someone else to follow us who had the best Bloody Marys ever.....yum!

Then a Hunt Tea after the hunt around the pool at Airy Hall, which literally blew me away. Huge crystal bowls of mamoth size pickled shrimp, ceveche, shrimp and grits and every other southern and Low Country food......dont even get me started on the desert table! They really know how to do it right and I felt like a welcomed guest indeed!
By Saturday night I looked like I had been rode hard and put away wet, but I rallied and had a great time with our PRLM friends as well Saturday evening.
Bill Mote did his usual great job grilling steaks and Elaine Hobbs joined us from earlier in the day! She is a sailor from way back so fit in beautifully. Loved seeing our PRLM friends and especially having coffee with Bill and Lynn on their boat Sunday morning before we had to head back. Krispy Creams and strong coffee. Does it get any better?
So now we are on a schedule to leave Stuart this week and wind our way back to SC, stay a month or so and head to parts further north.

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