Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rock House Creek anchorage

We are at what was our favorite anchorage on our way south last fall......this time tho, no fog or cold weather! Today was probably one of the best days we have had in a year weather-wise. It was a teeeeence cool but sunny and with a sky so blue I wanted to cry. We dingied over to the small beach area to let the dogs play and flip the dingy so we could scrape the barnicles off the bottom.

Its been on of the best days overall so far. Weather, fun with the dogs, and after the dog beach, we got them cleaned up and put them back onboard and took off to Ponce Inlet to explore. Its a very dramatic inlet and one we are familiar with as well. When we brought our boat home after buying her, we sailed 'outside' in the Gulf Stream up from Canaveral FL., but after 8 hours of me being sick, I asked the guys to come inside.....or at least just head west out of the stream. It was that bad.....anyway we ended up going into Ponce Inlet at midnight and its not an inlet that is easy on the best day in daylight! Barry was at the helm after a very long day and some seasickness as well......the rollers/current almost slammed us against the rock jetty and if he had not acted quickly, well......

So it was interesting looking at it today from a safer view. We walked along the beach and collected shells and these pictures. This poor wee little sea horse was dead....so sad.

Later we came back, rested up a bit took showers and were invited to go to one of the other boats in the anchorage for cocktails. Got to visit with Don and Margaret and of course their cat Tiller....who enjoys dingy rides and is not opposed to hopping from his dingy to your boat! Really neat feline!

We hope we have lots more days like this......we are headed out tomorrow about noon or so....will be sad to leave this beautiful place but there are so many beautiful places to see.

Hope you enjoyed these pics and videos........

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