Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hamish Jumps Ship

We are trying to train both boat hounds to pee on a throw rug up on deck at the bow. Once we start cruising they are going to have to pee somewhere and this is the tried and true method other cruisers have shared with us. After they do their business, you throw the rug overboard to wash it off. There is a line tied to it by the way......the motion of the boat washes it clean. Anyway, its a lot harder for dogs who are housebroken to learn this and Hamish is as housebroken as they come. So I have done all the things I can think of.........smells from other dogs, I pulled his favorite bush out of the ground (it was dead already) and put it up there for him, put leaves and some dirt all from where they both (and other marina dogs) like to 'go'. After almost 24 hours Phoenix finally tinkled but Hamish just looks at me like "Um Mom, what are we doing???" I sat out there with them for a long time encouraging and petting, ignoring and you name it. Nada. Finally I had to go and went down stairs to the head. I got distracted for a few minutes and next thing I know my phone rings and one of our liveaboard friends is asking me if Im missing something. Well evidently Hamish found an opening in the netting we have around the whole boat for safety sake near the gate, squeezed through, down the steps, down our long dock, up the ramp then down the long.....very long by the way dock to his potty place. The guys were on the boaters deck talking and saw the whole thing..........Hamish was at at dead run the whole way, did a sliding stop into the bushes, hiked his leg and peed for two minutes. They guys called him over when he was through peeing and he being relieved for the time being was happy to visit with them till I was able to come get him. So today we try again but so far no luck. I have some pee coming from other dogs and am hopeful. I just thought this was the cutest thing for him to do. He is a cute dog and I sure hope he gets the idea soon!!

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Helen A said...

Hamish knows what you want him to do, he's just NOT going to do it until there is no other choice! Too bad no one had a camara to record the great escape! It HAD to be funny! I suspect that Hamish thinks you've lost your mind, he KNOWS that the place to go is NOT ON A RUG! Eventually, he may decide that peeing on the rug is the only choice while sailing, but still insist on using the ground when it's available. Helen