Saturday, May 16, 2009

Success on a Saturday morning!

Success!!! Hamish finally pee'd!After a failed attempt earlier this morning I decided to walk him but not let him stop to go in the usual place and it worked. Oh Joy on a Saturday morning.
(the picture is of him curled up on my beach ball that I use to support my lower back while sitting)

On the way back he hiked his leg for a few drops, on a dock pedistal (never done that before)I let him, told him good boy, washed it off, and when we got back to the boat I lead him right up to the poop deck and he finished peeing on the turf!!! The second he finished I gushed over him and gave him a treat and made a big deal out of it.

The fun part is that our friends who know our plight, were having coffee on their boat just across the fairway, turned in their chairs, quietly when he lifted his leg and my jaw dropped and I gave them the thumbs up sign there was this silent pantomime of celebration so we would not spook him.Pooping is next but we are half way there and our other dog Phoenix seems to have figured it out. I can not tell you how 'relieved' we all are. When the dogs are happy we are happy.
We have a new departure date of mid week next week. Our blog should get a little more interesting then but I hope not too interesting!
Thanks for letting me share.--------------------Sami and Barry

s/v Ever AfterPort Royal Landing Marina

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