Monday, June 8, 2009

awesome day

We did 40 miles today. Went through yet more beautiful country and water. Then we had to navigate through Myrtle Beach area.......eeeek! Insanity with motors. PWC going every which way and at one point a teen age idiot tried to commit suicide by skiing into our boat. He came within 5 feet on purpose! And laughed about it. We are anchored on Calabash Creek AND I caught shrimp with my last years birthday present...a casting net. I had a very strong mint julep, Barry grilled a wonderful dinner and then I fell asleep watching TV while he had a conference call and now I have a hangover. We are anchored with 3 other sailboats bow to stern and while I was asleep, another one slipped in between us and the one that WAS in front of us. I will have pictures of today when I am sober and not so cranky.

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