Sunday, June 7, 2009

will be quiet for a while

My computer needs a new battery and right now the cell signal is this anchorage anyway. We wont pull into a marina for another week or so.....not sure about what the cell signal strengths will be but I should be reachable on my BlackBerry.......had a beautiful day cruising north of Georgetown on ICW. Its simply beautiful. Lots of cypress a cypress swamp s all down both sides of the river. We are in the Wacamaw River and its beautiful. we are anchored in Bull Creek right this moment. This is a VERY wealthy area with big beautiful homes and these lovely lawns that lead down to the river. And usually a private dock with a power AND sailboat docked. There was a plantation home set waaaay back and it was easy to imagine what it must have looked like 200 years ago. This is pristine, chock full of wildlife and today we saw a boater stop and go back to fish out some garbage that had blown out of their boat!!! Nice. I will post pics when I have a better connection.

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