Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Always a Silver Lining

Its so hard to take a good picture of a black dog.....gotta have the right lighting, but isnt she a doll?

sleeping with her head on a chair base

One good thing about having to wait to leave is.....we got to see and play with Diane's new puppy. Diane is the Dock Master here. She also shows and breeds high quality Akita's. Her new puppy

came in on the red eye yesterday morning from the fires and smoke in name yet tho her registered name is Kari On........and it might end up being Kari, but will wait to see. Diane said even after her long flight, she came out of the crate bouncing and happy and show ring ready. A good sign. We got to play with her this morning in beautiful sunlight and a delicious breeze.......the same breeze kicking up 4ft waves in the bay and 20knot winds......but making a glorious day here.

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