Friday, September 4, 2009

New plan

Well if the marine forecast stays the same, we will leave in the weeeee hours of Saturday morning. Our padding of days to get to SC is dwindling fast. If I do not make my son's graduation from National Guard (Army) boot camp Im going to be one unhappy momma.
Plan now is to just dock and rent a car if we have to no matter where we are, and drive to Ft Knox.
Its a know what God thinks of plans wee mortals make right?

So today I play with Dianes new puppy, bike to the grocery store and maybe hop into the gourmet food shop on the way back.

Im not looking forward to any choppy water but Im ready to get underway. Its never to have to be somewhere on a date when you live on a boat and are at the mercy of Neptune and Mother Nature.

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jean depelteau said...

Lets do it !!! Good plan