Monday, September 7, 2009

Sept 7th

September 7
Today was fun tho the wind was 20knots and 3ft waves it was not bad. It only took us about 4 hours to cross the Carituck Sound and get thru the storm. I was actually at the helm for the worst part of the storm. I did really well. We are in Coinjock Marina now. Today was just a half day sailing. We did two in a row that were 10++ hour days. And I told you about last night!! See Sept 6. What a nightmare which did turn out alright tho.

Its VERY peaceful and quiet and nice in a country sort of way here at this marina. They have an absolute kick ass restaurant, so we enjoyed our lunch after three days of eating very light, which we seem to do while underway. For example all I had yesterday was a tiny bit of canned chicken with some mayo and onion in it, then for dinner some tomato soup and a half a kaiser roll. Add an apple or piece of fruit and thats about all we ever eat when we are moving. But hell, we more than make up for it when we get to a marina and it seems we plan those stops according to what we can eat while we are there!! We have a huge stack of paper menu's from places we go or pass!
I should weigh 300lbs.

He (Barry) was exhasted last night but had to work teaching for a few hours even after a 10+ hour day and diving on the boat to free the fouled prop and anchoring in the dark!!! We are trying to figure out how to get to the Bahamas this winter. its just a day sail in good weather from Ft Pierce FL......and I have found out most marinas have WiFi but staying at a marina week in and week out gets expensive. We may just stay 4 days a week and anchor out and sail around the other three to save $$, tho this is pretty cheap living. Our fuel costs are very low because we are sail power and our diesel is an old 50hp Perkins that sips, we cant go fast but we dont really want to. Its the journey.
So Im just chillin' this afternoon with the cat sitting next to me while I write this.

Ok gotta go top off our fuel tanks and pump out the holding tank(poop).......then top off water tanks and we are all set.
ps the engine didnt want to start last night because it was still hot.......we learned something new, because its done that before when we were going thru Camp LeJune when they were doing live fire drills in the ICW and we had to stop and drop anchor for an hour!!!

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