Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sept 6 WARNING Sami says the F word in the video clip

I added pics, clips and edited some of this Monday afternoon......

Sunrise in the anchorage Sunday morning

Norfolk, ICW
Sunday afternoon

Wow what a day. We left our anchorage at dawn this morning. We traveled until almost dark. About 65 miles which is a LOT when you think about going 6 knots!! Anyway it was an absolutely glorious day. Perfect temps perfect water.......lots of crazies out because its Labor Day weekend so several skiers tried to commit suicide on our boat but that is getting to be normal. I will never understand why adults think its necessary to drive their boats as fast as they can in crowded waters.......I like to go fast. I understand power and why guys like power and going fast and loud noise. But figure out a time and a place for it. NOT in a crowded harbor with boats going back and forth and barges and container ships and sailboats criss crossing. I like to ride fast powerful horses but not at everyone else's expense.

I took this video of one family blissfully pulling their 12 year old daughter skiing along in a narrow ICW canal which is famous for stumps and dead have to stay in the middle of the channel......or at least we do because we draw almost 6 feet under us. So here comes this ski boat going fast enough to pull this little girl skier and she is going right towards us. There was about 10 feet between us and her as they passed.
Dont even get me started on the boat full of teens stopped in guessed it middle of the ICW
mugging and goofing around with us coming up on them and we had not where to go......they finally noticed us and moved back a little. They were oblivious seriously.
Anyway when we finally did reach the anchorage, we got a line fouled around the prop and with 45 minutes of daylight left....barely....Barry got his wet suit on got in the water with our air compressor going and octopus breather in his mouth and unfouled the prop. We were like a finely tuned machine working together to get it done before it got too dark......because guess where WE were? Yep in the middle of the front of a bridge dead in the water and if a barge were to come through which they do at night we would be dead. Anyway we got the prop unfouled and the engine would not start......we could not believe it. Barry did all the things he knew to do but it still would not start.
So we called Boat US for them to come tow us into Coinjock.......after we got that all figured out and they were on their way.......sort of, we tried the engine again and it started. So we puttered our way across the ICW in the dark , cancelled Boat US, and dropped anchor again out of the way this time......a lot more went into this but all in all we rose to the occasion. Its been a long day.
warning....turn the sound down if there are kids around

this one is of the kid skiing 10 ft from our cussing on this one.

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jean depelteau said...

Interesting day ... lots of aventure !!! part of the fun Yeah