Friday, December 4, 2009

December 4th our first day sailing south

We left PRLM about 10:30 this morning. All went well getting away and thru the day as well. It was a bit chilly but we zipped up the enclosure 'curtains' and were fairly comfy. My legs got a little cold but tomorrow I will fix that if its as cold.....and its supposed to be.
We had dolphins all around us as we got closer to Port Royal Sound and several beautiful shrimping boats working hard to fill their nets. There were so many sea birds, dolphins and my favorite....pelicans. Lee Hubby.......shut up and you know why! Pelicans are such throw backs to
dinosaurs. Pterodactyls. Those flying monsters who put fear in the hearts of the biggest dinosaur rats!
Kind of like Hamish right? Speaking of Hamish....boy has he learned to tinkle fast when I walk him
up on the bow! Today he hiked his leg on thin air on the forward hatch and peed away. Phoenix squatted right where she was supposed to on the little throw rug! Good dogs!!!! Then our new and improved deck wash rinses off dog pee as well as pluff mud from the anchor chain! All the icky stuff goes overboard!

For lunch we had homemade raisin bread, peanut butter and apple sandwiches. YUM

Tonight we are safely on the hook in Bull Creek with a few other sailboats. I sure hope our new anchor light is working. Its so hard to see from the deck! We have already had our light dinner and Im watching Dr Oz! Our over the air antenna works great most of the time! Gotta love that right?
Its cozy and warm below and we have not even had the heat on!

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