Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday Dec 5th....Bull Creek to Moon River

We are safely anchored at the mouth of Moon River off Skidamore River. Not my favorite anchorage so far but reasonably out of the way. We made about 30 miles today and hope we make 40 or so tomorrow. Next year we are leaving before Thanksgiving. Its just going to be nicer weather that way. Its cold and windy so I doubt many evening boaters will be out tonight. Barry is in he galley making dinner.

Today I remembered why we are doing this. I learned that Campbell's Tomato Soup .....or should I say remembered that it cures most evils including a dreary day because right after lunch the sun came out and tho it was still cold, it was pretty and we were inside of our Isinglass enclosure! The dogs have settled into a rhythm again and sleep most of the day. They squatted and hiked so fast again and I was reminded that it is the little things that matter. Potty-ing the dogs has not been an easy process to work out! We listened to music and NPR and just the puttering of the motor too.

Barry thought he was getting sick tho I think he is better now. Something sure smells good and I can see him from here whomping up dinner!

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curiousearthling said...

I hope this is going to Sami...??? This is new to me but I'll trust.

Sami, I enjoyed your photograhy very much. I'm especially fond of sunset/sunrise shots. Yours are great. What a life you have. I can see you enjoy it very much. Let's keep in touch. Smooth sailing.
Caroline Avant