Saturday, December 12, 2009

St Augustine Municipal Marina......etc

We pulled into the marina Friday afternoon....bad weather was supposed to get us but so far its just some rain, tho it is starting to build up a bit and more boats are coming in, including one named c\:esc Get it? Anyway we probably came in one day too early because the weather guys got it wrong again. Its just now raining and noon on Saturday. We didnt want to be at anchor in a bad storm when we could be tied to a dock in here. Been there done that and this is more fun. I am sitting in a pitted out boat tho because I want to take advantage of good WiFi and get this blog caught up! I thought the video clips would load faster than they are......Gypsy is up in the cockpit now with me trying to get some sunshine and there just is not any. Has not been much for a week at least. She is going to try to sneak out of the cockpit soon I just know it.She is fascinated with water....except the water we put out for her which is usually freshly filtered and she wont touch. She has taken to sneaking out on deck and lapping up whatever water collects there. Oh and anything in a glass especially if its red. She loves to chase ice cubes and will lick at one till its gone. Silly Tulsa cat! Such good company and the dogs respect her.

Im listening to Sirus classic vinyl. They are playing some great music. Traffic, CSNY, Hendrix, CCR,Yardbirds, Aeorsmith, Beatles White Album, Moody Blues LINDA SPENCE!!!!!!great stuff. Listen to the tide slowly turning....

The mess in this photo is of the reconstruction of the Bridge of Lions ( ) just before you get to the municipal marina here. Click on the link to see what it looked like before they started restoration. Actually it is a beautiful bridge or will be when they 2010 hopefully. In the meantime the big iron looking thing is a lift bridge which opens on demand. You radio to them and say abracadabra and it opens......sort of! You can see the draw part of the old bridge which is permanently open while they work on it. They will just dismantle the new one once the old one is finished.

We actually looked a buying a boat moored out here a few years ago and they were just starting the process on the bridge.

The sailboat in the foreground is one we anchored out with last week. They have two kids on board and we got to listen to them giggling and the older one climbing on the rigging like a monkey! You can see her in the above picture on the main boom standing. She was all OVER that thing!

We e-mailed them the pictures....ya know its seldom you get a picture of your own boat going along!

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jean depelteau said...

Sami, for the video clips; use youtube and 'embd' the code on the blog ... much easier and faster ...