Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Exciting sailing....and hunting! So much alike!

I have discovered that riding and sailing are very alike. The boat must be finessed and cajoled sometimes like a good horse. It must be done right, yet sometimes each is very forgiving in its own way. Thankfully. It does seem our boat is alive. She protects us and we take care of her, this old girl. We officially got her declared as an Antique Vessel this month. They do not make them like this anymore. Overbuilt and like a tank and tho we cant go very fast, we get there safely. Remember when they used to build cars better?


Today was a doozie! After a nice but busy day at Golden Isles Marina we had a great meal ( see above...Barry's huge and delicious burger...I had Thai!) at Coastal Kitchen......rather more upscale than it sounds. We started out about 9am and went through 2 sounds. The winds were really strong and the waves eventually got to 4-5 ft but were not rolling us side to side so we were pretty comfy.....tho Hamish stuck to me like glue. Poor thing does not like big wave action and as you can see in the picture, wedged himself between the cowling and me and stayed there! Its all pretty exciting and if you saw my post on FB I said it was like foxhunting and the hounds are 'on' a scent and screaming along and you are galloping at breakneck speed for an hour and no way are you getting this horse to stop. The jumps are huge and the footing is wet but damn its great to be alive!
Speaking of hunting Im posting a picture of fellow Bad Girl Carla with her good horse '41' who I am happy to report is back hunting at the ripe old age of 23 sound again after some pretty serious injuries this past year or so.........

We saw several other sailboats and a couple of odd motor yachts but other than that it was pretty much just us out today.

It was pretty warm and I even got to go up on the bow for quite a while and enjoy some sunshine on my legs and face. We did end up running into some fairly bad weather but it was brief. Dolphins were surfing on those 4ft waves out ahead of us. Somehow I feel better when I see dolphins hanging around with us. The Coast Guard kept announcing over CH16 that there is a Northern Atlantic Right Whale and to steer clear of it and not go within 500 yards....evidently there are only300 left in the world and most are killed in collisions with big boats. Especially the cows with calves since they stay near the surface.

Im having a terrible time with Face Book and computers in general. Mine is toast. I can not access FB from Barrys computer but can on my BlackBerry but on a limited basis. Im so frustrated! If anyone knows why I can not access all areas on FB from Barry's computer please tell me! I cant post a thing on it or read mail or multiple comments.

I have to wait till Barry is done teaching to get on his computer and usually by that time Im tired!
Right now Im waiting for my pictures to download so I can post them here along with some video. I was going to post some from FB but, again I cant.......not sure why. Its like it does not recognize Barry's computer but Im all signed in etc......weird. computer is fixed! I dont know if it self medicated or what but I turned it on just for the hell of it and it worked!

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