Monday, September 13, 2010

summer 2010 a quick re-cap

Pat had this in her barn and I just had to take a quick cell phone picture of our wedding day!
Beths graduation dinner L-R is Andy, me Beth, Barb, Chris and Billy.

hound races at FENCE

Elaine and I at the Welcome Party The Yellow House

Beths Graduation In May

Barry and I at the hound races BBQ August 2010

It is way past time for us to update this blog. I guess FaceBook has kind of taken its place to a certain extent. Tho I find it hard to post stuff when we are just tied to the dock, still fun stuff has happened this summer. Beth graduated, then married cute cute Andy and now Chris and Tif are expecting their first child. Exciting stuff.

Inbetween, we have been working, looking at boats (more about that later) and visiting friends.

I got to attend a Green Creek Hounds event and even did a trail ride on Pat's wonderful horse Leroy. Leroy and I go way back and he is perfect for me these days because he is just such an easy ride.

We are looking forward to another visit to Boone when little boy Isiah gets here. I have been having to not buy baby clothes for him because there is another little baby boy just ahead of him and he has drawers full of cute clothes already! How nice is that?

Barry has been working online with classes and we have been doing general boat fixin' stuff. I have been cooking my brains out and eating too much as evidenced by the wedding pictures where my chest looks like two pigs wrestling under a blanket! Beth has graciously agreed to omit them from the rest. Dear sweet girl!

So now we are looking forward to Boone and I get to maybe ride in a hunter pace and see my foxhuntin buddies again soon. Here are some random pictures from this summer.

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