Saturday, September 5, 2009

And were OFF!

We left at 7:30 this morning and are at anchor as of Poquosam or something like that river. It was a beautiful day..... we sailed and motored and made about 6 knots all day! We actually got further than we thought we would which is good because tomorrow is the lock and then a tricky bridge......then Norfolk. All kinda tricky stuff because Norfolk is going to be wild tomorrow I imagine it being Labor Day weekend and all. We will get up as early as sunrise and get the show on the road so we can get the choice anchorages. Barry is calling Coinjock right now to make sure we have a slip overnight on Monday before we cross the Albermarl Sound. Keep your fingers crossed its a hell of a lot more quiet than it was going north.

All I can think about is getting to SC on time so I can get inthe car in time to drive to Ft Knox to see my son for one day before he goes on to AIT in San Antonio.....a very cool city by the way. Will maybe make the graduation from that as well and do a little River Walk!! Especially in springtime when wild flowers go on for miles and miles.

Anyway we are rocking gently on the hook tonight.......somewhere

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